Gail (bandvamp01) wrote,

I love bad movies.


Dear. Sweet. Jeebus. What a horrible movie. Nathan and I watched it last night. It is one of the absolute worst movies I have ever seen. ... But it's still better than "Alone in the Dark." Anyway, seriously suck-tastic movie.
The scariest part of the entire movie was
the little mushroom face guy
. The squeeky mushroom head thing freaked me out bad. No lie. Everytime he came on the screen, I shrieked and covered my eyes. Scary, yo.

Nathan also bought Troll 2. I'm not really sure why he buys these painfully horrible movies (instead of just renting them), but whatev. Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to Troll 2- anything that can "make Troll look like a masterpiece" has gotta be good.
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